We have exceptional project opportunities 

requiring investment or funding.


Our schemes are world class developments in stunning locations across the UK, Middle East and Indian Ocean. 


We are actively seeking funding, joint-venture partners, silent partners, active partners, institutional investors, individual investors, real estate companies or any other commercial businesses or organisations.

Exclusivity will be Guaranteed

The possibility of sensational income streams are incredible. A rare opportunity to be involved with amazing projects. 


Limewood Group have assembled a highly experience and intuitive Project Team.


A wide variety of specialist skills are required to conceive, plan, implement, conduct and deliver international projects. 

Whilst Limewood Group has the benefit of certain key individuals in their direct employment, they also recognise the need to retain the services of the very best consultant partners who can aid us in realising our visions for the future.

Through comprehensive research and subsequent implementation of sound principles, Limewood Group intend to create, new partnerships worldwide.

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